Iki Gözüm Ahmet

Filmposter van Iki Gözüm Ahmet

Iki Gözüm talks about the adventure of Ahmet, who starts his music life by performing to chickens in the coop by playing the strings he stretched on wood in Malatya, gradually rising to fame as the people’s artist. Ahmet, whose political awareness is formed as a result of his family immigrating to İstanbul, gives himself completely to his music and his people following a heartbreak. He appeals to a very big audience through his music and in the end, he is deemed worthy of the People’s Star Award. Even though he lays emphasis on the indivisibility of the homeland, he is targeted as he gives expression to the feelings of the sidelined and the oppressed and he is unfairly labeled as a separatist, he lives in involuntary exile. Can the separatist label that was put on him unfairly wipe off the hero image the people sealed on this chest?


Drama, Biografische film


110 minutes






3.3 /10

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  • Digitaal: Antwerpen, Hasselt

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